Deposit Charge

Information on sale of acid batteries and reclamation of spent batteries.

In order to protect the environment and to abide by regulations we are obliged to:

  1. accept a spent acid battery free of charge when selling a new one. The spent acid battery or a single industry battery cell are considered as disposable products when they still retain the basic construction elements;collect a deposit charge in the amount of PLN 30.00 per battery and confirm it with a VAT invoice or a receipt in case a buyer does not give back a spent acid battery when purchasing a new one;
  2. return the deposit charge within 30 days from the battery purchase. This can be done on supplying the spent battery and the invoice or receipt mentioned above. The return of the deposit charge shall be confirmed on the submitted invoice or receipt. 


Important If the deposit charge cannot be returned at our local retail outlet (e.g. due to a break, close-down, etc.), it shall be repaid by the nearest dealer of scrap batteries indicated in the guarantee by the producer or importer.
The repayment takes place within 45 days from the purchase date.
Any complaints or claims with respect to the above procedures can be submitted to the nearest local agenda of Państwowa Inspekcja Handlowa (the National Commercial Inspecting Office).
The basis for the procedure is the 21. article of the Act on Obligations with respect to management of some waste materials, product charge and deposit charge (Dziennik Ustaw 63 item 639 of 11 May 2001).
The information was obtained from the Stowarzyszenie Producentów i Importerów Akumulatorów i Baterii w Polsce (The Association of Producers and Importers of Batteries in Poland).